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14 June 2020

Changing of the Guard in the Community: Meet the eight new Leaders

Never change a winning team? We’re changing so we can keep winning, with new "captains" ready to achieve new successes. The new Magnificent 8 are Enrico, Simone, Iolanda, Francesco, Elisabetta, Anna and two Andreas (Carucci and Menni): they’re taking up the baton with the "blessing" of those who came before them, to whom we are eternally grateful. Best of luck to all of them!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams


Beyond the various definitions of “leader” – US President J.Q. Adams’s definition embodies much of the mission of the Bocconi Alumni Community Leader – an unequivocal fact remains: leading a team of volunteers is not at all easy. It’s a challenge, and to make it a successful and rewarding one knowledgeable people are required, who can be led and engaged by leveraging a sense of belonging and Bocconi values. They also need to be able to keep up the ranks, manage the leisure time of others and do "enthusiasm maintenance."


Enrico, Simone, Iolanda, Francesco, Elisabetta, Anna, Andrea C. and Andrea M. have accepted this challenge: they’re the new Leaders of the Bocconi Alumni Community, appointed on 4 June.

They will take the reins of their Alumni groups – Enrico for the Governance Topic Group, Andrea M. for the EMF1 Class and the others for the Chapters in their respective cities – putting their experience at the service of the Community and becoming Bocconi ambassadors. Objective: to make the community stronger and more cohesive.

They applied enthusiastically, taking up the legacy of their predecessors, with whom some have already collaborated and who will continue to work as a great example of continuity.

Here are the Magnificent 7 leaving the “captain’s chair” … and the new Magnificent 8.


Governance Topic Group.

Stefano Modena > Enrico Maria Bignami

Stefano Modena was the historic Leader of this strategic Topic Group, updating his group regularly with care and expertise. Enrico Maria Bignami is taking over for him, a 1979 graduate in Business Economics. Enrico is a founding and managing partner of Bignami Associati, with consolidated experience in governance advising. Currently he is also Standing Statutory Auditor at ENI SpA, Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors at Luisa Spagnoli SpA, and Member of the Board of Directors at LILT - Lega per la lotta contro i tumori of Milan. A curriculum that leaves no room for doubt: Enrico will do great things, along with the support of his excellent team.


Varese Chapter.

Ivan Spertini > Simone Mainoli

Ivan has been committed to skillfully leading a geographical area that has always been a very dynamic employment hub, one of Italy’s top cities in terms of entrepreneurial and industrial activity, as well as the location of Malpensa Airport. The Varese Chapter has really taken off, thanks to Ivan and his team’s proactive actions. He will now hand the reins to Simone Mainoli, a 2003 graduate in Economics and Business Legislation, current CFO of Car World Italia Spa. Simone has been collaborating with the Chapter for two years and is in all respects Ivan's "heir apparent." Simone is a passionate volunteer, ready to support the projects of his Alma Mater and contribute as a Mentor to the professional growth of younger Alumni.


Palermo Chapter.

Dario Marino > Iolanda Riolo

She graduated in 1995 with a degree in Business Economics, and since then, Iolanda has never stopped: a successful businesswoman (she leads an automotive group, where she is a majority shareholder), she is also a member of AIDDA, Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Female Executives. Since 2002 she has been active in the community of Palermo Alumni, where she has always been the right-hand woman of the various Chapter Leaders. Already a Bocconi donor, Iolanda promises to be a leader of great depth, given that she bases her life on the values of empathy and solidarity. As it should be, to replace an extraordinary Leader like Dario Marino: an example of Bocconi pride, constant activism and giving back to his Alma Mater, but also of personal and professional propriety.


Genoa Chapter.

Roberta Piagneri > Francesco Merella

Francesco is Head of Electric Mobility Services at Duferco Energia. After graduating in Management in 2010, he collaborated with Bocconi University as a Teaching Assistant. A leader was born, given that he was the class representative of his CLAPI BSc program, contributing to the launch of the then start-up Radio Bocconi. An unmitigated donor with close ties to Bocconi, he believes in the importance of the network. This is one of the key points of Roberta Piagneri’s excellent work, the outgoing leader, who cultivated the Liguria area with passion and care.


Dallas Chapter.

Pietro Macchiarella > Elisabetta Vitolini-Mroski

After earning a degree in Business Administration in 2001, Elisabetta worked as Vice President at JPMorgan Chase and is currently a board member of the IMA Dallas Chapter (Institute of Management Accountants). Born in Desio (Milan), she is now Executive and Professional Coach in Training and has applied to continue Pietro's work in Dallas: she can count on a growing local Alumni base, with whom she can organize quality events and constructive debates – along with the other US Chapters.


New York Chapter.

Andrea Carucci

Originally from Puglia and New Yorker by adoption, Andrea graduated with a degree in Management and manages the Marketing Advisory and Complex Program Delivery area at Accenture Interactive. Very active at Bocconi as a student – including the radio and the university theater group – he was also Research and Teaching Assistant at SDA Bocconi and collaborated with the Alumni Department in the operational management of several events. A former member of the Sao Paolo team, Andrea is a volunteer to his core, and since he landed in New York his motto has been "think big in the Big Apple:" making the Chapter a solid point of reference for local Alumni. Andrea will work in close synergy and with valuable, enthusiastic and accurate contributions from Mariafrancesca Carli and the Board of Friends of Bocconi, our fundraising charity in the US. Founded in 2013 and driven by the value of giving back, Friends of Bocconi supports the University's projects, allowing US citizens to make tax deductible donations.


Hong Kong Chapter.

Stefano Passarello > Anna Romagnoli

The handover from Stefano and Anna was a natural one, because Anna has been a key member of the Chapter for the past two years. With a degree in International Economics, Management & Finance in 2014, she works at Generali Asia as Internal Communications Manager. Young and well-integrated into the local area, Anna was also Head of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Hong Kong and Macau. Along with Stefano, who in recent years has revealed to be an extraordinary and present Leader, Anna was instrumental in organizing the Regional Leaders' Meeting, which was held in Hong Kong in May 2019.


EMF1 Class Leader.

Andrea Menni

A Class Leader is the "head of the family" of a SDA Bocconi Master class group: the glue between classmates and faculty, relying on the special spirit that is established in the classroom, often among adults. Andrea is already active as a key member of the Brescia Chapter and is Ambassador of the EMF program. Chartered accountant and statutory auditor, he deals with corporate governance and corporate, tax and asset reorganizations mainly regarding extraordinary finance and corporate tax operations.