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17 July 2020

5x1000: Ten Seconds to Change the Future

A small share of your personal income tax in Italy can support the causes you believe in. It costs nothing and is not mandatory, but it can be significant. Thanks to the trust of many taxpayers, the 5x1000 income tax contribution to Bocconi has supported 63 students and 5 young researchers.


A simple multiplication but with a very important social and emotional impact. The 5x1000 income tax contribution is a way to allocate part of your taxes to projects you believe in and care about: this is the essence of this contribution, which supports organizations that carry out activities with an important impact on society. And Bocconi is one of them. Perhaps not everyone knows that our University is a non-profit institution that was founded on of a philanthropic gesture and, as such, can receive donations.

"For several years now I have chosen to donate my 5x1000 contribution to the University and it’s a natural thing to do," says Fabio Lombardi, EMBAS 13 Alumnus and Leader of the CFO & Accounting Topic Group, as well as CFO of Copernico. “Supporting teaching and research at the University is important for the whole community, not just our community. Giving students who may not be able to afford it the opportunity to have an education with the tools, logics and values of our university is something we should all be focused on."


In just few seconds, a signature can create a world of opportunity.

Ten seconds to change the future of many young people. This is the time it takes to enter your signature and the eleven digits of the selected institution's tax code.

Allocating your 5x1000 contribution to Bocconi is very simple: when filling out your tax return, just sign in the "scientific research and university" section and enter the tax code 80024610158.  

In a few seconds, you will be making a significant gesture: your contribution will go to brilliant and motivated students who would find it difficult to bear the full costs of their education, but, thanks to a Partial Scholarship, can study at Bocconi.

Between 2006 and 2018 Bocconi raised over €1 million through the 5x1000 contribution. These funds were mainly allocated to support deserving young people who, thanks to exemptions and scholarships, had the opportunity to study at our university.

These students include Rebecca Solcia, a student recipient of a Partial Undergraduate Scholarship, enrolled in her third year of the BSc in Economic and Social Sciences. She tells us about the impact on her future of that choice that took only a few seconds.

“Even though I still clearly see the long road I have ahead of me, I could never have achieved what I have so far without this Partial Scholarship. Just the idea that so many people have chosen to give us scholarship recipients the opportunity to study at Bocconi is what motivates us the most to give our best."

How the 5x1000 contribution affects Bocconi students and researchers.

13 years after its establishment, the 5x1000 contribution and the choices of the many people who believe in the value of education have made it possible to raise €1,106,918. It has been allocated as follows:

  • €610,000 to the Undergraduate Partial Scholarship Program, i.e. to support 51 students for their entire Bachelor of Science program
  • €404,408 to the Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards Program, i.e. to support 12 Master of Science students
  • More than €90,000 in scholarships for young researchers, i.e. to support 5 outstanding scholars.


The 2020 project: What are Partial Scholarships?
This is a fundraising project through which students with a good academic profile who meet the financial requirements are exempt from up to 65% of tuition.

This is often significant support to start an education with peace of mind and without excessively burdening the budget of the student's family. Then, in order to maintain the funding in subsequent years, students need to meet merit requirements: they must earn a pre-established number of credits and have a minimum GPA.


5x1000 and 8x1000: Two different numbers.

The difference between the two contributions lies in their purpose: the 8x1000 contribution finances a religious institution, while the 5x1000 contribution supports an association that can have a variety of purposes, including assistance, charity, cultural heritage, sports, or even healthcare, scientific or university research.

In both cases there are no costs for taxpayers: they are simply allowed to choose where a part of the taxes they are required to pay is allocated and, if no choice is made, that amount is distributed proportionally to the selections made by everyone else.



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