Forget your username? Is remembering all your passwords, codes and PINs becoming a full-time job?

Don’t worry. Now you can login to your MyBAA Reserved Area using the same password and email you use for your LinkedIn profile.

The only thing you need to check is that the email you use for LinkedIn is also in the Bocconi database. Be sure to add it to your contact details.

Have you tried the new procedure but it doesn’t work for some reason? The email address is probably not saved in our database:

  • Access the MyBAA Reserved Area with your Bocconi Alumni login information
  • Click on “Your details” inside the section “Improve your profile”
  • Update your profile by adding the email address used in LinkedIn as the main/secondary personal or work email
  • Save your details, logout and try to login again with your LinkedIn access credentials
  • In case your main Linkedin email is the BAA institutional email with the domain, don't forget to update it to!

Still not working? We can help you. Call 02 5836 5715 or write to

PLEASE NOTE: the log-in information you have used so far are still valid.