The Association’s strength lies in its community of Alumni spread all over Italy and in many countries around the world. The Bocconi Alumni Community would not exist without its network, which is made up of people who are different from each other, but who share the same values.

These values include a sense of belonging, solidarity among Alumni and the importance of education in the development of individuals as participants in society.

This shared spirit led to the creation of a series of local projects designed and launched by small groups of Alumni – organized intoChapters, Topic Groups and Classes – that promote the network in Italy and globally.

Each group of Alumni, whether in Italy or abroad, can contribute to Bocconi University fundraising by raising awareness in their community of the important role that Alumni themselves play in the growth and future of their Alma Mater.

There are three ways of promoting fundraising activities locally: by encouraging other Alumni to support the University directly with a personal gift, by organizing ad hoc events within the group, or by donating part of the group’s budget surplus to a Bocconi project.

The groups that have set up a project so far are:

Ascoli-Fermo-MacerataBrusselsGenevaLondonMadridPalermoParisRomeShanghai e Zurich.

To start a fundraising project in your group, write to