Just like other times when Alumni get together, Bocconi Alumni Community events are great opportunities to learn about Bocconi’s new initiatives and concretely support the growth of the University.

An increasing number of events, both in Milan and in other cities in Italy and around the world, cover one of these topics and participants have many different ways of contributing.

In order to facilitate and raise awareness within the Alumni network, Alumni may easily make a tax-deductible contribution to a Bocconi project using a single PayPal transaction when registering for any event.

Each gift is important, no matter the size. Because it is truly the thought that counts.

Supporting Bocconi projects means investing in the young students of today who will become the Alumni of tomorrow. It means making a pact between generations. It means believing in a new vision of the future.

MBA Reunion

Only someone who has completed an MBA at SDA Bocconi knows that this MBA is much more than a degree: it’s a life-changing experience.

This is why MBA Alumni come back on a regular basis to their School: to get together, debate, relive the places and moments that were decisive for their future.

This is the MBA Reunion, which has also promoted the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund since 2013. The aim of this fund is to support scholarships for young colleagues who would like to follow the same path undertaken by other SDA Bocconi MBA's before them.

To date, there are four students who have attended a Master program thanks to the support of MBA Alumni: Angeline Chen, Juan Sebastián Marín Ramirez, Mariano di Rienzo and Eric Bowler.

Find out more about them and the project

Alumni Senior

Students for a while, Alumni forever. Behind this motto lies the true sense of belonging to Bocconi.

This connection is demonstrated each year by all the Alumni who have not sat in campus classrooms for many years.

The event (previously called the Old Guard and now Alumni Senior) invites Bocconians of yesteryear – for their 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th graduation anniversary – to come back to the hallways and spaces where they were educated, where they grew and decided who they wanted to become. A lot has changed, but many things – the truly important ones – will never change.

Alumni Senior is not just a time to remember the past and celebrate an anniversary: it is also an opportunity to make a concrete contribution to the future of those who have now decided to undertake the same path at Bocconi.

This is why we have associated a fundraising project to the event that each year celebrates the anniversary of such an important moment.

The Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund was created with this objective: to support new Bocconians through a donation, thus providing a sense of continuity between the many generations of Alumni, united by the same values, the same life experience and the same sense of belonging.

Thanks to the support of Alumni, 5 students have been able to study at Bocconi since 2013: Federica Belli, Maddalena Cunial, Giacomo Loi, Giuseppe Leone and Marco Graziano.

Read more about them and the Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund.

Christmas Party

Is there a better time than Christmas to make a truly selfless gesture? Any time is a good time, but the Christmas holidays are even better.

This is why we believe that the Christmas Party is the right opportunity every year to promote a Bocconi project to support students.

A fundraising project has been associated with this event for the past several years to support the BAA Scholarship Fund.

To date, 15 students have benefited from a Partial Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship: the students of today supported by the students of yesterday, with a symbolic passing of the torch.

The objective we set starting in 2015 is to raise each year an amount that will guarantee an 80% waiver for the entire Master of Science program for one student (or maybe more than one), who has already completed a Bocconi Bachelor of Science degree.

Strength lies in numbers and the motto we have chosen is from Dumas: all for one, one for all.

There were 3 Musketeers (or some say 4) but there are many more of us. And participating in the dinner is not a requirement to support the project. A gift knows no bounds.

Find out more about the BAA Scholarship Fund and the results achieved.