Time, Talent and Treasure

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." (Winston Churchill)

Our Community is made up of volunteers. Many Alumni who share the same background and the same values have decided to contribute to the growth of their Alma Mater; to demonstrate a sense of recognition and attachment towards something that has been a crucial part of their lives.

There are many ways of collaborating with the Bocconi Alumni Community to support Bocconi University, and they can be summed up in three simple words: Time, Talent and Treasure.


Time is the only asset that cannot be bought or increased. That is why using it to support a cause you believe in is the highest form of giving.

Our volunteers give their time and invest their energies in developing the Community, organizing events, expanding the network and creating new opportunities.

If you would like to donate your time and be an active part of the Community, contact us. You can become part of the team in your city’s Chapter or start a new one if it has not been created yet.


"Talent is courage, free spirit, big ideas." (Anton Chekhov)

Since its founding, our University has been on the leading edge of higher education and a Bocconi degree has been a mark of distinction on any graduate's resume. With an employment rate of around 94% one year after graduation, our Alumni represent excellence in Italy and are steadily moving up in the international rankings as well.

It is exactly this Alumni talent that allows us to develop and produce outstanding programs: you can make a difference by sharing your talent.
By combining invaluable forces, together we can create a future “made in Bocconi”.

You can offer your experience by participating in the Mentoring program or sharing your expertise at Topic Groups events.

Contact us and let us know how you can contribute.


In 1902, with a 400,000 lire donation, Ferdinando Bocconi founded the University that bears the name of his son Luigi, who was killed in the Battle of Adwa. It was a visionary philanthropic gesture from a great entrepreneur ahead of his time.

Later, Ettore and Javotte Bocconi, the family’s last heirs, decided to leave their entire family estate – both financial assets and real estate – to the University, providing the resources needed to become one of the leading players in our country’s social and cultural development.

Though it has always been a private institution, Bocconi has constantly promoted and implemented equal opportunities for students, from generation to generation, advancing social mobility and opening doors to all deserving students, regardless of their financial background.
Today, Bocconi continues to invest in people: students, faculty and researchers.

By following the example of our Alma Mater’s founder, the Bocconi Alumni Community aims to promote development and fundraising projects at the University among its Alumni because it believes in the crucial role that education and knowledge play in the growth of individuals, collective progress and the improvement of society.

Did you know that Bocconi allocates €28million per year to scholarships?

But the goal to reach by 2020 is even more ambitious: to invest €30 million annually in student aid. This will only be possible with the help of those who understand the importance of supporting young people and the future, rewarding responsibility and merit, and creating knowledge and opportunity.

The Within Our Reach fundraising campaign has the objective of raising a total of €120m by 2020. As of today, we have raised €92m: we have come a long way, but there is still lots to do and we need everyone’s support.

To that end, the Alumni  are at the forefront, motivated by the spirit of giving back and a pact between generations. Many Alumni and people close to the Community, either on an individual level or within a group – Chapter and Topic Groups– are already counted among our valued donors.

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