Bocconi Alumni are all former students who have completed a degree at one of the University’s five schools: Undergraduate, Graduate, School of Law, PhD and SDA Bocconi.

No. The only way to become Bocconi Alumni is to earn a qualification at the University.

No. Both kinds of graduates are equally Bocconi Alumni.

On Campus Alumni are Alumni who have not yet completed their study program at Bocconi, e.g. students who have completed a Bachelor of Science and are currently enrolled in a Master of Science program.

No. The title of Alumnus/a is automatically allocated when completing a qualification.


All Alumni are automatically part of the Community. However, to participate in initiatives and use the services offered, participants must adopt the Regulations and Values of the Community. This can be done online by clicking here.

The Bocconi Alumni Community is a new project open to all Bocconi Alumni, that was created after the dissolution of the Bocconi Alumni Association. While the Association had an independent legal status, the Bocconi Alumni Community is fully integrated into Bocconi University.

No, you cannot. To participate in the events and use the services offered to Alumni, you must declare you have adopted the Regulations and Values of the Community.

Joining the Community means becoming an active and engaged part of the Community’s initiatives, sharing its values and mission.

There are lots of ways in which Alumni can contribute to the growth of the Community: volunteering, supporting projects, participating, representation. To get more information on the opportunities for collaborating with the Community, please write to alumni@unibocconi.it.

Of course. Though the campus is located in Milan, the Bocconi Alumni Community is truly international: there are more than 70 Chapters in Italy and around the world and Alumni can participate in initiatives organized by and for Alumni at these Chapters. In addition, many of the events and seminars organized in Milan are broadcast through a livestream, allowing anyone to participate remotely.

Chapters are groups in cities in Italy and around the world that organize activities with the aim of bringing together Bocconi Alumni, increasing their sense of belonging to the Community and developing Bocconi’s presence in their respective cities. Each Chapter is managed by a group of voluntary Alumni, led by a Chapter Leader.

You can look for the Chapters that are currently active by using the proper form on the Chapter page.

If there’s a significant number of Alumni in your city but no Chapter, you can write to Maya Yazbeck, Global Network Specialist.

Topic Groups are groups with a thematic focus that organize professional training events around a specific topic. Like Chapters, Topic Groups are managed by a group of voluntary Alumni, led by a Topic Leader.

The list of active Topic Groups is available on the Topic Groups page.

The best way to get in touch (and stay in touch) with other Alumni is through Bocconi Alumni Connect. This is an online platform that allows you to directly interact with the Community in real time, sharing opinions, ideas and proposals. If you don’t have an account on Bocconi Alumni Connect yet, click here.

No, there’s no kind of ID or membership card for the Community.

If you’re an Alumnus/a and you’d like to verify the Alumnus/a status of a specific person, you can consult the online Yearbook of Alumni.


All scheduled events are available on the homepage, on the calendar and on the All Events page.

Community events are open to all Bocconi Alumni. A prerequisite for registering for events is adopting the Regulations and Ethical Code of the Community. Joining the Community can be confirmed online by clicking here.

To register for an event, you need to go to the event’s webpage, log in and complete the online registration.

Some events are free, others require the payment of a fee. Any participation costs are always specified on the event’s webpage.

Some events are also available through a livestream. If that is the case, it will be specified on the event’s webpage.

If you have technical difficulties, send an email to alumni@unibocconi.it, clearly indicating the type of problem encountered.

You can register for events that require a participation fee by completing payment with a credit card or using PayPal. PayPal accounts can be linked to a credit card, prepaid credit card or bank account.


Yes. There are no status types other than Alumni within the Community. The only prerequisite to use the services offered is adopting the Regulations and Values of the Community.

The majority of services offered to Alumni are free. Some services, advisory services in particular, may require payment of a fee.

The full list of services offered to Alumni is available on the Benefits page.

It’s easy: you can log in by using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or by creating a new account. Detailed instructions are available at this link.

Yes. All Bocconi Alumni who have adopted the Regulations and Values of the Community can use the reference and loan services at the Bocconi Library.

To access the Library, you need a Bocconi ID card. If you don’t have a Bocconi ID, you can write to alumni@unibocconi.it, specifying your full name and date of birth to request a free ID.

Website and Reserved Area

All Bocconi Alumni automatically have an account on the website. To log in for the first time, complete the username and password recovery procedure available in the login box.

You need to log in to access your Restricted Area and therefore use the services dedicated to Alumni, including registering for events.

Your credentials to access the portal are the same as those used for all other Bocconi websites (e.g. Bocconi email, unibocconi.eu website) and are made up of a numerical username (student ID with one or more zeros at the beginning to create a number with 7 digits) and a personal password. Alumni with a Bocconi email account can use their alias (name.surname) as an alternative to the numerical username.

You can find your student ID number by selecting “username recovery” in the login box.

You can recover your login credentials by selecting “username recovery” and “password recovery” in the login box.

Log in to the Restricted Area and select "change password" in the "Actions" section.

You can update your information by logging in and accessing your Restricted Area, where you can find your personal information, contact information, information regarding your professional career and information related to your interests.

Updating your information is important because it allows us to keep in touch with you and provide you with content that is truly in line with your interests and your current activities.

If you can’t autonomously correct your information, please write to alumni@unibocconi.it, clearly indicating the problem encountered.

You can write to alumni@unibocconi.it.


If you don’t receive Community emails, make sure the email address in your Restricted Area is up to date and make sure your email provider does not classify Community emails as spam.

If you still don’t receive Community emails, please write to alumni@unibocconi.it, clearly indicating the problem encountered.

You can opt out of the University mailing list at any time at this link by indicating what types of communication you would and would not like to receive.

Of course. Communications from the Community are available in English and Italian. If you would like to change the language of your communications, log in to your Restricted Area and change the language setting.

For Bocconi University Alumni (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Specialized Master graduates) who completed their degree in or after 2010: the email address is issued automatically 18 months after graduation.

For Bocconi University Alumni (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Specialized Master graduates) who completed their degree before 2010: log in to the Restricted Area and select “Request Bocconi email” in the “Actions” section to request an email address with an @bocconialumni.it domain.

After two business days, you will receive a communication containing instructions on how to proceed, delivered to the email address in your profile.

For SDA Bocconi Alumni who are Master graduates: the email address is issued automatically 6 months after graduation.

Of course. To set up the automatic forward, just log in to the Lifelong Email, click on "Preferences" > "Email" in the drop-down menu on the left > find the option "Forward to" at the bottom of the page in the "Receiving messages" section > enter the email address where you would like to forward emails.


With the words “give back” the University and the Community are referring to that sense of recognition that many Alumni feel for their Alma Mater.

For many of them, the University represents a turning point in their professional and private lives, and this is why they want to reciprocate by offering their support to the growth of the University.

There are several ways in which Alumni – and others – can implement this feeling, which can be summarized in the three Ts: Time, Talent and Treasure.

You can go to the website of the Within Our Reach fundraising campaign. It contains information on all the development projects created as part of the 2015-2020 fundraising campaign.

You can also write to donazioni@unibocconi.it to get detailed information and speak with representatives of the University’s Development Division.

You can make a gift online here. In addition, fundraising supporting specific projects will be available during many Community events. To get more information on other ways to give, write to donazioni@unibocconi.it.

Contributions made to the University are 100% tax deductible when filing tax returns in Italy, without limits. Detailed information regarding this topic is available here.

Of course. Bocconi is part of Transnational Giving Europe, an international network that facilitates philanthropy in Europe.

Bocconi can also receive tax deductible contributions in the US through the charity, Friends of Bocconi, Inc. To make a contribution and receive more information, please write to donazioni@unibocconi.it.

Yes. The University provides for the opportunity to make gifts, establish scholarships and name classrooms in memory of departed loved ones. To receive more information regarding this topic, please write to donazioni@unibocconi.it.

The University is deeply grateful to all its supporters and aims to show this gratitude in various ways. This includes publishing the names of donors in the Donor Roll online and the annual Donor Report.

However, as we fully respect everyone’s wishes, the University can be supported anonymously.