The Community Governance

Participation, sharing ideas, diversity, representation, continuity and inclusion. These are the core values of the new organization of the Bocconi Alumni Community.

The moving image below shows the organization and structure of the governance, divided into: Bocconi University Board, Alumni Advisory, the Bocconi Alumni Board, ad hoc Committees, Chapters/Topic Groups/Class Leaders, Alumni Community.

Governance Bocconi Alumni Community

The Alumni Advisory includes the University Managing Director or CEO, the Rector, the Dean of Fundraising and Alumni Engagement and the President of the Bocconi Alumni Community.

The President of the Community is appointed by the University, with a 2-year term that can be renewed only once consecutively. The President coordinates and promotes the Community’s activities.

The Vice President of the Community is appointed by the University from among the students who are duly enrolled in a Master of Science program.

The Bocconi Alumni Board is made up of a maximum of 20 members (with the President and the Vice President acting as members), 12 of whom are elected by the Community itself through online consultations.

Read the Community Regulations and Values for more details.