Exclusive Benefits

All Alumni who belong to the Community have access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities: from participating in networking events to accessing lifelong learning resources developed by Bocconi faculty, to advising, seminars and services from Career Advice, to exclusive promotions and offers.

Community Elections
Being part of the Community also means actively participating in its growth. This is done through electing its representatives and being a candidate to represent the Community within its governing bodies. Find out more about the Community’s governance and how to apply to be a candidate.

Networking events, workshops, seminars, conferences, dinners: appointments organized by and for the Community, on campus and around the world. They represent opportunities for Alumni to come together, get to know each other, reunite and share experiences. Check the calendar to find out what events are coming up.

Career Advice
Career Advice offers dedicated support to help you achieve your professional goals. Find out more about what services are available and events that have been scheduled.

This new Lifelong Learning community, which is both real and virtual, was created as a part of SDA Bocconi. The events it hosts are held on Wednesdays and they are open to all Alumni in the network. Find out more on the dedicated page of the SDA Bocconi website.

Bocconi Alumni Connect
There’s a simple, interactive and engaging way to stay in touch with lots of Alumni, wherever they are around the world: it’s Bocconi Alumni Connect, the social network for Alumni. Register now


Important: Due to the Covid-19 emergency, physical access to the library is currently available only to Students and Faculty members. The access for the Alumni is suspended. 

Remote access to databases is not available.

Further information here and here.



The Yearbook is the official database of all Bocconi Alumni: all members of the Community can reference it to find the most important information regarding other former students.

Remember: to take advantage of these benefits, you need to expressly declare you would like to adopt the Regulations and Values of the Community. Click here