A professional service aimed at developing people, both in a work setting and a personal setting, which involves two individuals: the Coach and the Coachee.

In this relationship, the Coach supports the Coachee with an organized method and a detailed course to help improve his/her knowledge regarding the topics that are agreed upon as objectives at the beginning of the relationship. Responsibility is taken regarding possible alternative situations to put into action and the behaviors required to reach the objectives are set together within the established timeline.

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To begin a coaching course, write to attaching:

  • CV
  • description of expectations/objectives in Word format (max 1 page)
  • name and surname of the Coach

Who is the Coach?
It is a Bocconi Alumnus who is a certified professional coach offering his/her coaching services to another Alumnus (Coachee).

Here you find the profile of all our Coaches:

Sebastiano Alesci

Giuseppe Beretta

Lorenzo Boni

Indira Bonvini

Gabriella Bravi

Silvia Camerini

Merve Can

Pilar Chaparro

Fabio Cibello

Alessia De Albertis

Liana Dugaro

Lauretta Filangieri

Cristina Gianotti

Gian Luigi Gregotti Borasio

Konstantin Hemmelrath

Ingrid Hollweck

Anna Kroymann

Alessandro LoRusso

Alessandra Meacci

Cristina Nespoli

Delphine Notebaert

Marco Ortolina

Claudia Pesante

Daniela Piccolo

Giulia Porro

Emilio Rago

Eva Rosenthal

Laura Scaglione

Silvia Silvagni

Andrea Tattanelli

Michela Trentin

Emmanuelle Verhagen