B-AWARE – Self-awareness of your organizational behaviors

B-Aware is a self-assessment tool, developed by SDA Bocconi researchers for Bocconi Alumni only, that highlights some of the behaviors, attitudes, and values we adopt every day in both our work environment and our personal life.

B-Aware is an opportunity for you to enhance your self-awareness and activate a continuous learning process about certain elements that have a significant impact on your professional and personal effectiveness. 

B-Aware includes 2 steps:

  1. Online Self-Assessment Questionnaire: it only takes about 10 minutes of your time, but it can immediately determine your most and least typical behaviors in the 7 areas mentioned above, and you will receive a personal report with full details. You will be able to access the questionnaire with the same login information you use to access the Bocconi Alumni website.
  2. Laser Coaching: after receiving your report you will use our online booking system to schedule a 30-minute feedback session with an SDA Bocconi coach. Your coach will help you analyze your results and kick-start a development plan based on your priorities.

Find out more on SDA Bocconi website.