Find a Network


There is a large community of 110,000 Bocconi Alumni all over the world, and it is a social and active network in line with Università Bocconi’s international ambitions and image. 

The Bocconi Alumni Community has the task of developing and maintaining relations with Alumni who all work, interact and communicate with each other and who are increasingly moving throughout the various continents

Who are and what do the Leaders do?
The Leaders are volunteers who coordinate groups in Chapters, Topic Groups and Classes, which means they lead a group of Alumni of a specific town or topic or an MBA class. Use the search form to find your network!

There is an increasing number of Alumni who would like to be part of the Community, which is becoming the natural confluence of professional and personal lives which began at Bocconi: more relationships, more friends and more career and business opportunities, a growing desire to participate in an experience that fosters prides and the desire to continue to be involved, thanks also to the Lifelong Learning.

Be part of our network! We need your ideas, your support and your participation in events organized in Italy and all over the world.

You can also become a Leader. How? 
For more information, contact Maya Yazbeck, our Global Network Specialist.